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From London’s Streets

July 14, 2014 — 3 Comments

All of these photos were taken last monday, July 7. Each photo walk reveals even more diversity in London than I think I’ve seen in the last. Amazing.

Step 4 For Phone Calls [Explored]

Dapper Gent

Looking Back

Tour de France Rest Stop

The Walls Have Eyes [Explored]
The Walls Have Eyes, #34 on Flickr’s Explore as at June 26, 2014

The majority of photographers whose work I have stumbled across keep a glossy but impractical portfolio page; mine resides at For those photos that are pretty good, but fail to make the portfolio grade, we make use of sites like Flickr and Google+.

Personally, I gravitated towards Flickr because of the community photographer spirit it engenders. In addition to following ‘friends’ whose photos and style you appreciate, you can build a catalogue of your favourite images from others. There are groups you can join to share your images with like minded shooters, for instance, I am subscribed to street photography and Leica groups.

I have been active on Flick for years now, but I do remember it didn’t take long to discover Flickr’s Explore page. Each photo that is uploaded to Flickr is assigned an ‘interestingness’ factor. How ‘interesting’ your photo is depends on numerous factors like visits to your photo and from where, how many and how frequently others comment and favourite your image, etc. Each day the 500 most ‘interesting’ photos are collated and presented as Flickr’s Explore page. I don’t think it’s just ‘interestingness’ that gets you selected for this coveted set as I do know adding your photo to numerous groups actually reduces your chances of making the cut!

Flickr guards the algorithmic secret of interestingness and Explore selection closely, but I can comment on my experiences.

I can be fairly optimistic of Explore selection if I…

  • Upload a photo relatively late in Flickr’s day. I uploaded ‘The Walls Have Eyes’ about 9:30pm GMT, giving Flickr enough time to see some nice statistics on my photo before the new Flickr day starts at Midnight GMT.
  • Don’t add to any groups
  • Get about 15+ favourites and a few comments over the course of the first hour after upload. ‘The Walls Have Eyes’ received 100 views, 20 favourites and 2 comments before the end of the Flickr day.

Obviously the third point is the biggest variable and the principal requisite is that you take a good photograph. If it’s also processed well, it will pop off your contacts’ page for new images from friends.

Time is a factor in your photo’s ‘interestingness’, so remaining on the Explore page requires some beefy stats to roll in. At 9am, ‘The Walls Have Eyes’ is at 5000+ views and 112 favourites and is still at #34. I expect it to drop before lunch, but this can be slowed by adding to numerous groups.

I also know Flickr Explore selection ignores you after a while. At the beginning of the year I managed to get 5 images in 5 consecutive days into Flickr’s Explore. Bear in mind there are only 500 spots between the millions of daily uploads, so it seems only reasonable to ‘ban’ people for a period of time.

Does anyone else have a similar or dissimilar proven pattern for Flickr’s Explore?


This was taken in January on Brick Lane. Not making my first round of public releases, I’ve only just got round to processing it. It’s a fine example of the good and prevalent street art around Shoreditch, graffiti and traveller supporting non local Japanese elements.

Konnichiwa [Explored]


From London’s Streets

January 14, 2014 — 4 Comments

Taken, yesterday in Shoreditch.



November 25, 2013 — 3 Comments

Captured, last week, in Brick Lane, Shoreditch.


When I say ‘captured’, you know I mean “I took a photo” rather than “I took a woman”?! I always pause after typing, “I’m shooting in London today”, like I’m being watched after triggering a monitoring system for typing a deadly word… Err, hi NSA.

From London’s Streets

October 29, 2013 — 1 Comment

The following street shots are from my most recent photo walks.

Shoreditch Area

Scene But Not Seen



Magic Beans

Leicester Square

Jesus Can Save YOU!


Distant Lands

London Eye I

London Eye II

Processing images in Photoshop is seriously dull. I’m literally after the final result, but no camera will read your mind to reproduce those inky blacks we all love monochrome photos to be drenched in.

In addition to the above, the composition is paramount. The scene. If there’s a blown highlight that doesn’t distract or litter, well that’s what I saw. Real life. I don’t move or remove stuff.

And that’s just it. Street photography, to me, is a collection of life moments that have collided with my lens.

This image below then. I spotted the arrows and thought, “That’s like a travelator!” and I waited for people to walk past. click. click. Hmm, not working. At which point I thought a composite would be an excellent expression!

> > > > >

Is it still ‘Street Photography’?

It all happened. Four frames, composited in Photoshop. Real Life… compressed.

I like it.