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Get In There!

August 12, 2013 — 2 Comments

I watched this guy put the hard sell on these two to move his vintage cameras. A Polaroid in this case.

Hard Sell On The Vintage Cameras

My lightning quick ๐Ÿ˜‰ composition brain concluded shorter depth of field and get his cold eyes locked in!

Around the world I am hearing, “So?!”.

At 50mm, on a full frame don’t forget, or longer this blog post falls on its moot little face, but I shoot at 35mm.ย This is a full frame capture at 35mm, processed but not cropped or rotated.

I virtually had to join in the sale and rub shoulders with these two to get the shot.

Shortly after, I got the icy stare and made a quick exit.

If you’re going to shoot street like this, get a 50mm.

Daily Awesome Photo

March 5, 2013 — 1 Comment

Local at Bayon Temple, Cambodia

I’m not precisely sure what this person was doing in Bayon Temple, Cambodia. The bowl was empty and the clothes were impeccable, which questions the beggar status. I can only conclude this person was somehow attached to the Temple. Either way, a fine portrait subject none the less.

We had a great opportunity to see real Italian Opera, La Traviata. I try to be relatively respectful and not take too many shots, but this guy sleeping through the entire Opera was too good to miss!

Act 1

La Traviata Act I

… Act 3

La Traviata Act III

And then there’s the 3 wheel tiny vehicles in Europe. What’s with that?! This guy, who really looked like he was born in this ‘car’ – I mean how did he get in?! He waved when he saw me taking his photo.

Let Me Out?

Remember this one? The guy managed to get an entire market stall in the back!


Europe is beautiful. Europeans are a little weird.