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Happy New Year!

December 31, 2015 — Leave a comment

Blog wise, it has been a slow year and I do apologise. I haven’t made it to the streets and I’ve missed them terribly.

2015 has not been wasted though; this is my baby girl, born in May.


Don’t be fooled, she’s not brushing her 2 teeth!


So, I hope you all had as great a 2015 as I did and I sincerely wish you a better and more creative 2016.


I can see why many people stick with film photography; to see results, there’s no option but to print. It’s turned full circle to see photography in print as somewhat special when we, entrenched in the digital medium, so rarely produce any tangible photographs.

Practical Photography asked me to supply a few street shots for this month’s article on essential styles of photography you should try and learn. On the shelves now, it’s a good read AND has a few of my shots in it :p




Top 10 Images From 2013

December 19, 2013 — 6 Comments

Holiday greetings all!

Street photography has dominated my photography for the entirety of this amazing year. Indeed, so lucky have I been with my photos, I managed to publish a book of my best urban scenes around London, London Moments.

These next images are my 10 personal favourites from 2013.

10. St Paul’s Cheer Squad

The cover of my book and a moment that so nearly didn’t happen. These cheer leaders had just finished their routine and I arrived just in time to catch them disbanding.

St Paul's Cheer Squad [Explored]

9. Three Four Five Six

And, of course, my book’s rear cover. London is a busy financial district so art, architecture and business folk coming together for a great street photo is quite impressive.

Three Four Five Six

8. Urban Landscape

Landscape images in the City? No less impressive for being contemporary and devoid of nature.

Urban Landscape [Explored]

7. Southbank Skater

Always a pleasure to watch these guys at the Southbank.

Southbank Skater

6. Group Dynamics

Each time I view this image, I smile with the memory of stumbling across this dysfunctional looking group.

Group Dynamics

5. Aldgate East

London’s Underground is an icon in every way and I love to break up my street photo walks by covering a few stops on the Tube.

Aldgate East

4. Surprise!

Sometimes you find a moment where people become integral to the story dictated by the environment.


3. Run!

One of the first really prominent scenes to fit my mission to capture people in London environments. A wonderful and decisive moment.


2. City Hall

This winning image secured me the Professional category 1st place of Open House London‘s photo competition. A lot of entries and a prominent judging panel. I was even featured photographer on Leica’s own blog, with a short interview.

City Hall (London Open House Competition Winning Entry)

1. Cool Bride

The heavens parted the rains for one day and my sunny August wedding day was just perfect. Suzy signed on the dotted line and officially became my better half!

Cool Bride

I hope your photography was as rewarding as mine during 2013. Please leave your links in the comments – I would love to see your favourites too!

Here’s to a great New Year and an awesome 2014.

MW-T Pro Mono Workflow sml

Just to let you all know, I will be bringing out a DVD with a series of video tutorials for the conversion of colour images to black and white.

The videos will cover conversion to monochrome with, or without, tools such as Silver Efex Pro 2.

There will be instruction on dealing with conversion of portions of the image using accurate pro level masking.

At least half the instruction will deal with the production of exhibition quality black and white.

Initially, focus will be on working with Photoshop. Shortly after I will release videos for achieving these results in Lightroom.

Example conversion styles below…

Generations [Explored]


Best Friends Forever

Hard Sell On The Vintage Cameras



There may be some teaser videos during October, but stay tuned.


This is Suzy, truly my best half. We had an excellent wedding although, if Nan could scuba dive, Suz might have had us all in wet suits and exchanging vows with an audience of Anemone fish and schooling Snappers!

Cool Bride
And then on to a fantastic few days in Venice, where the traditional City mumble of cars and buses are replaced with boat motors and the near constant mating call, “Gondola Gondola”.

Gondola Gondola

We are glad to be back… well, until we walked through our front door to a very sodden and squishy carpet!

Not sure about blessing the rains in Africa, but our place certainly was this weekend.

When I picked up my Leica Monochrom, one of the first things I did was to look up other Monochrom shooters. There are quite a few around the globe, but Stephen’s work really stood out to me and I immediately ‘bookmarked’ him as a Photographer to follow.

It turns out my work has also attracted his attention and, this week, I am featured Photographer on his quite excellent blog.

Please click the image and have a read, but also stay to check out Stephen’s work; he has a wickedly keen eye for street photography.

Stephen Cosh Photography

I’m pleased to report back that my London Photo Tour is well received. Participants headed home with a collection of images they are quite pleased with!

From Monday’s group, Kay was kind enough to pass back a few of her images from our 3 hour walking tour.

Kay Photo Walk

Please get in touch if you’d like to spend a morning capturing the best of London. I have planned quite a few tours ranging from ‘Street’ to ‘Architecture’ to ‘Indoors’, so repeat bookings will reward you with fresh sets of images!