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It’s luxury camping they said. Proper beds and furniture and showers they said.

I didn’t like camping before, glam or no glam, and sleeping overnight in what is essentially a desert is a new and specific level of hell for me.

Dawn at Spitzkoppe

This is the dawn, over Spitzkoppe, Namibia. It ever so slightly made up for the camping.

Themes are always open to interpretation and, to win competitions, you need to almost climb into the minds of judges to work out what they think is a ‘scenic wonder’.

Acacia Trees In The Late Afternoon Sun

This is Namibia. I took a condensed tour, north to south, with Marsel Van Oosten and the whole journey was a series of wondrous scenes.

This is a grand image of 2 long since dead desiccated trees however, on the 1km walk to this pan, peaking over the final dune and seeing these trees, they seemed so modest and small.

Cameras. Lying bastards!

Drift Divers

July 15, 2013 — Leave a comment

M/Y Cyclone in the Red Sea

This is the Red Sea.

A mecca for the diving enthusiast and, especially, for the underwater photographer (ref. awesome underwater photographer Suzy Walker).

I have just returned from a 2 week trip on a boat very much like in the image above. 18 underwater photographers and 1 street photographer. Me.


I did actually find quite a bit to photograph whilst on board and I will show more photographs however, for the moment, here’s a couple of shots of divers getting wet.

Go Go GO!

Typically drift dives take place in currents of varying strengths. The boat does not usually moor up, so divers need to jump like penguins attempting to remain together in a group in the water.

Cameras are quite precious – add a zero to the price of your camera gear to take it under water – and the snap increase in pressure when jumping in is just too much for the fragile minds and wallets of these photographers.

So, the cameras are loaded onto a zodiac and the photographers swim to their boat, collect their gear and then submerge for the dive.

No number, no camera.

A complete change of pace this weekend. Anyone remember the Hovis advert with the young lad trudging up this hill with his loaves of bread? Well this is Gold Hill, the star of that commercial.

The Walk Home

I have this habit of processing ‘enough’ images from a shoot and then leaving the rest of the set. If you’re like me, it does pay to go back to these ‘piles’. You might just find another worth posting.


By the way, the highlight behind the trees and upon the dunes is natural. Maybe I should have photoshopped the dune to an even tone. Hey ho.


Free Desktop Wallpaper

October 19, 2012 — 1 Comment

Exclusive to this blog and because it’s soo dark outside! Sized at 2880×1800 for a Macbook Pro Retina screen. For everyone else, shrinking is better than stretching!

This is Southsea, a southern UK coastal town, on a warm and peaceful day. I hope it will help you stay creative 🙂

ps, remember this is free for personal use only. If you are a commercial organization, including web sites, please contact me for licensing information.

Daily Awesome Photo

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Sorry for the quiet few days. Weekends can be so busy and I am also trying to scare up new work too.

In the meantime, be reminded of warmer climates and awesome dawn scapes.

Starfish at dawn