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Jim Goldstein, each year, collects together his favourite ‘Best of’ image collected blog post. His personal favourites are ‘***’d. This year, my blog is a lucky recipient 🙂

Please do visit and check out the best of ‘best of’s! I suggest a few a day as they are numerous!

You’ll find mine at #23 and Suzy Walker’s, my favorite underwater photographer, at #24.



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People do listen!

October 17, 2012 — Leave a comment

Here’s a cute cheetah cub I photographed a while back. He had just ‘killed’ a fellow photographer’s backpack and would not give it up. My observations, in that moment, we’re a) I’m going to have to explain this false animal kingdom moment and b) photographers are very brave when their kit is in danger. Dankert dived for his bag and the snarling cheetah was suddenly irrelevant!



On a side note

You will find my posts are now going to multiply as I will be writing regularly for Digital Photography School. They really are a great learning site and I am honoured to join their writing ranks. I think they must have liked my guest post 😀

Keep smiling people, it’s a good day today 🙂