Michael ToyeMichael Walker-Toye is a photographer living and working in London. His main body of work concentrates on the streets and urban landscapes of London. The theme, prevalent throughout Michael’s images, finds people in environments and attempts to convey the perception of a relationship between both subject and environment.

Of course, this blog is also a platform for Michael’s commentary on the world of Photography, life with a rangefinder, the streets of London and useful tips and tutorials for all of the above.

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    Nice site, will follow, Regards Mark


    u have a very nice relationship with architecture. i enjoy.


    Dear Mike,

    I just read your article on Editing workflow and Its awesome. I love the fact that you go to such details to make each image shine. However, since I am new to photography I wanted to ask you, Is it acceptable to work at this length for creating images?

    Looking forward to future posts.



      Thank you for the great feedback 🙂

      Photographers have been honing their photographs in dark rooms since the very beginning to achieve, and I guess it’s very subjective, the very best image they believed was possible from the negative. It’s no different now, but I tend to draw the line at adding and removing artifacts to and from photos – that is then digital art.

    swinetech photo April 1, 2014 at 9:28 am

    I just got a chance to read your article in dps on street photgraphy. it was a nice practical piece on the basics. I was very curious as to what type of streetog you were so I went to your blog and now here. I need to take more time to study them in depth but the two things that stand out for me at what I saw so far is all the shots are very high contrast with very little gray tone. Was this your intent? the other thing was I have noted in my short look at your work is, and this is very hard to discribe, but your shots seem to be more urban landscapes with people in them than people in urban landscapes. Maybe it’s the distance from the subject maybe it’s the lens I don’t know. It’s a style I have never been able to copy with any success. I will keep looking at your work and reading your words
    all the best


    Been reading your articles for a while now and only just made it to your site! Learning so much from your images. Captivating. I’m just starting to play with film instead of digital, and it really is magnificent. Blogs and articles like yours help make it easier to understand and not be too intimidated. Thanks!

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