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I can see why many people stick with film photography; to see results, there’s no option but to print. It’s turned full circle to see photography in print as somewhat special when we, entrenched in the digital medium, so rarely produce any tangible photographs.

Practical Photography asked me to supply a few street shots for this month’s article on essential styles of photography you should try and learn. On the shelves now, it’s a good read AND has a few of my shots in it :p




The Photographer

April 14, 2014 — Leave a comment

The Photographer

Taken in Venice, last August.

From Jakarta’s Streets

April 10, 2014 — 2 Comments

This is Jakarta, Old Jakarta to be precise.

We have learned the hard way to wait 24 hours for our bags to catch up when travelling to Indonesia. This short stop allowed us to take in the local scene.

Initially the sight of such poor lives saddened me, but I quickly realised these people weren’t visibly sad. Despite the squalor and stench I saw plenty of smiles and even a few laughs.

Locals, Old Jakarta

Taxi Driver, Old Jakarta

Jakarta, Streetside

Break Time

TV Repair Guy