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These were all taken last week. I love how London just shines through in these small frames… actually I have walked past New York streets similar to image no.1…

It’s probably useful to note, from a street photography tip point of view, I had a mind to capture these images before I left my own house. Of course the people, their expressions and placement in scenes is random, but I sought out the photography that was already in my head.

Do you plan your street photography like this?

There are always shots you couldn’t conceive of running into however, with this planning, I never return with an empty card.

I’m offline for a few weeks now with a special travel project so please subscribe for emails, if you haven’t already, and you can forget about me until I pop up in your mail box!

Happy street shooting all!


Morning Ritual

Please Open

Cycling Blind


Three Amigos

A Break In The Rain

From London’s Streets

January 14, 2014 — 4 Comments

Taken, yesterday in Shoreditch.


Puddle Jumper

Hot Wash

Divided Attention

The Apple Effect

I realise January is a tough month, so I’m releasing a high quality PDF (26MB) version of my book, ‘London Moments’, suitable for PC, Tablets and Smartphones! It’s priced at a super friendly, pay what you think it’s worth.

Click the thumb below to head over to Gumroad.

From London’s Streets

January 7, 2014 — 2 Comments

Some days I return with 100 frames, mediocre at best. Some days I return with a single great photo.

Real World Adjustments For The Modern Gentleman

Yesterday was a good day.

First Image Of 2014

January 3, 2014 — 1 Comment

I’m seeing so many photographers really embracing street photography, in all the many sub genres, I hope 2014 is a photographic success for you all.

DescentI, for one, am really looking forward to it!


Happy New Year!!!

I hope your New Year celebrations went well? Did you make any resolutions to better yourself?

Personally, I have 2.

  • Keep Mrs Walker-Toye happy
  • Take every opportunity to make even better street photographs

Regarding No. 1, mind your own business 😉

No. 2.

It’s all very well coming out with this bold, “…make even better street photographs”, but maybe it’s as simple as looking at your images and assessing why yours don’t look as good as those images from a.n.other street photographer you know. Can it be opportunity?

One substantial tip I can offer is to ‘take the shot’.

I’m serious. If you are walking by an interesting scene – obviously you have a camera! – stop and take the shot. Walk back, go down the side alley and take the shot! Cross the road and, yes… take the shot!

I’ve seen a few situations where walking on was a very sensible idea and, for safety reasons, I don’t regret not getting the photo. BUT, if you walk by and think, “that would have been a good photo”, then you and I are disappointed in you!

Confidence is the single biggest factor impeding your progress as a street photographer.

I can talk technicalities, composition and framing, and yes they’re significant but if you didn’t get in there and take the photo, it’s all for nothing.

This year, I challenge you to be bold. Get closer. Frame and shoot with confidence.

And don’t forget to smile when you get caught by the subject… which you will 😉