King Of The Castle

November 8, 2013 — 1 Comment

Modern Castles
What a fortuitous find on one of my regular walks around London yesterday. There are no tricks or esoteric lenses at work here, it’s a curved wall on Bishopsgate.


Leica Camera BlogIt has been a great week for the Michael Walker-Toye brand. A few days after London Open House informed me I was their Competition winner I contacted Leica to inform them my winning image was captured on their very own M Monochrom camera. Upon seeing my photography, they were excited to announce my win and formalise this in an interview along with some of my other photos. The internet team at Leica, notable mention to Rachel at Leica Mayfair, did a fantastic job pushing this out through all their social media streams.

What a fantastic response! With amazing support and feedback from family, peers and friends I really do have a big smile on my face, so thank you all!

Please keep watching, there’s lots more to come.

Have a great weekend



One response to King Of The Castle


    I like the composition very much. Great symmetry that helps to frame th eman on th ephone.

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