Is This Still Street Photography?

October 25, 2013 — 1 Comment

Processing images in Photoshop is seriously dull. I’m literally after the final result, but no camera will read your mind to reproduce those inky blacks we all love monochrome photos to be drenched in.

In addition to the above, the composition is paramount. The scene. If there’s a blown highlight that doesn’t distract or litter, well that’s what I saw. Real life. I don’t move or remove stuff.

And that’s just it. Street photography, to me, is a collection of life moments that have collided with my lens.

This image below then. I spotted the arrows and thought, “That’s like a travelator!” and I waited for people to walk past. click. click. Hmm, not working. At which point I thought a composite would be an excellent expression!

> > > > >

Is it still ‘Street Photography’?

It all happened. Four frames, composited in Photoshop. Real Life… compressed.

I like it.


One response to Is This Still Street Photography?


    Great image, but not strictly street photography imo.
    Poul Thorsen

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