You Have An Assignment

September 9, 2013 — 2 Comments


Recently, I have read a few articles on what street photography means to them, the authors’ own personal definition.

Surely it is simply the documenting of real life on the streets? Mostly images of people, interacting with their environment or other people. Sometimes inanimate things or structures.

Which streets you tread to exorcise your photography demons, that’s more interesting to me!

I self label as a London street photographer. I really am most comfortable walking round central London. Plonk me somewhere else and I’m out of my comfort zone and just a little bit wary.


This weekend I found myself in my Parents’ home town.

It’s a small town and has a dog leg high street you can cover in 15 minutes. There are the basic shops you find in most any town, but it’s not quite on the radar of the coffee shop chains. I did say small.

I think, in this town as a street photographer, you have to be more patient to find the odd scenes of juxtaposition you’d be tripping over in London. Or is it just me?

So I propose you all go and take some street photos away from your usual stomping ground.


And report back!


2 responses to You Have An Assignment


    I totally agree with you. London is certainly the place where I’m most comfortable because that’s more or less where I started. However, I do try to take shots wherever I may find myself. Different scenery = differen t opportunity.


    I found your blog and website yesterday and like your photos very much. I´ve been to London for a week and had a room only two minutes from Brick Lane so it´s great to see your pictures from this area. It´s a beautiful microcosmos, isn´t it? Regarding street photography, I think it is easier to do in big cities, even better when there are a lot of tourists around. People often don´t even notice you point a camera in their direction. It´s much harder in small towns or even villages, where people are not so used to photographers and are watching every step you take. (“What hre you photographing? There´s nothing beautiful here, move on!”) I am from Germany by the way but I love England and London especially.

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