There most definitely is an ‘I’ in ‘Street Photographer’

August 6, 2013 — 1 Comment

Yesterday, and only through a random ‘off to London’ status on Facebook by friend and Street Photographer Stephen Cosh, I was invited to join a photowalk.

I must confess I was quite keen to meet other Leica photographers. I should not have been surprised when they turned out to be thoroughly nice people who are true fans of the brand and love to chat about it.

New friends! Common interests! Can’t get any better than that, surely?!

Three Leica 'M' Support Units
Three fellow Leica enthusiasts

So we met and the conversation flowed. With introductions out the way, we advanced from our Waterloo meeting place to the Southbank. I caught up with Stephen and, as we walked, I talked to the others.

I’m not rambling, the point is I was really enjoying meeting these new people, but I was not taking any photos!

This is about the only shot I captured with the group and it’s pretty much just a portrait.

Southbank Diva

After I left the group I could concentrate.


Smoking Zone


So, the moral of this story is to use your photo walk as a learning experience for new techniques or to catch up with friends or find new contacts. You won’t get any decent photographs though 😉

For me, I got an invaluable and all too infrequent opportunity to talk to fellow street photographers. I can’t wait for the next one.


One response to There most definitely is an ‘I’ in ‘Street Photographer’


    i got about 45 keepers. for a whole day, that’s low for me.
    still. superb day and good to meet all the guys.
    next one in scotland 🙂

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