Photographic Comfort Zones

July 31, 2013 — 1 Comment


Yesterday I had to run an errand in London so, as is usual, I check my camera. Format card, press the [INFO] button to see the battery life, check my spare battery and card are in my bag.

Slightly digressing, but do you have a going out routine so you don’t forget your gear? And remember, spare cards are for corruption, not just for spare space 😉

Then I check the weather. Rain. Oh.

Historically, I have been a little meek with camera gear in rainy conditions. Definitely not a comfort zone for me, especially knowing my Monochrom sucks dust like a vacuum cleaner. Hardly weather sealed!

I have since learned…

– Umbrellas don’t mix with shooting. At least not my small ‘executive’ brolly. I wonder if a storm chaser big one is better?

– Wet is a new shooting workflow with new reflective conditions and exposure highlight niggles

– Walking with your lens pointed to the ground is all very well until an exuberant splashy child is on scene! Arggh!

– Find a dry spot with a great back drop. Wait for the composition. Patience!

But I love it. I’m a convert.

The day dried quite quickly and the density of tourists went up a factor.

Staying Alive

Evening Standard!


One response to Photographic Comfort Zones


    Ugh. I have a toddler. Exuberant splashy kid describes my everyday life! So I completely understand. Tried getting decent pictures in the pool the other day? SPLASHING ensued shortly thereafter. Love your style, photographically as well as writing!

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