London Streets Series

June 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

You would not think so with the apparent happenstance nature of street photography, but I hate to burst any bubbles. It isn’t just walking and rattling off shots. For everyone you see and each place you visit, you have to evaluate them as a  foreground subject and what they might do. I don’t take a shot unless the background fits and that can be complimentary, humorous, juxtaposition or just even ‘wow’. And this evaluation has to happen before subject travels into scene!

On a good and focused day, I will get up to 30% keepers – I tend to shoot around 100 frames over the whole day. I had some timely errands to run yesterday and, I thought, I would fit some streets in between. I stumbled on a few nice frames, but it was not finding the ‘message’ in London.

Here are 4 from the day and I hope you like them.


Park Life
Park Life


I know it’s not strictly street, but I cannot resist water and reflection shots! SoSuMe!

Billingsgate Market
Billingsgate Market

By the way, does anyone else think of Dr Who’s Cybermen when looking at the chewing gum recycle bins on stalks all over London? Weird.


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