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Gospel from the Projectionist

Gospel from the Projectionist

I always thought I was quite flexible, from a technical standpoint, as long as I nailed focus and composition. Hehe, wrong!

In a strange, mildly interesting. and unsurprising way I was inflexible on some things, like ISO! Digital noise used to be pretty ugly and I would do anything to avoid pushing the ISO above 640. A slew of f/1.2 lenses gave me some very creative bokeh when shooting wide open. I can quite happily shoot steady down to a 1/6th thanks to a practised stance – very useful for camera phones! At the point of capture, I have to admit ISO was always allotted thinking time.

Thanks to a great looking noise, when it does eventually appear on the Monochrom, I don’t give it a thought now. Don’t get me wrong, I do pick my photographic battles, some shots just don’t work in the dark.

The shot above, is 1/45 ISO6400, probably f/4 and very noisy. The guys were intently discussing the, even to a lay person, very powerful projector that was displaying images on the side of the Tate Modern. It’s a big building and the projector, well, it’s got its own truck. I was really tempted to ask them to show my portfolio 😉

So, never fear the noise. Unless it’s ugly noise – I’m sure there is a law of diminishing returns that should be applied to images on quality of composition vs level of noise.


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