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May 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

The Science Of Waiting

The Science Of Waiting

This is an unexpectedly good scene considering I was waiting for a crossing pedestrian to be hurried to a trot by the surge of traffic after the green light. This is the frame. No crop or rotation. The triangle of subjects makes for an interesting scene of leading lines, especially with the ambulatory woman being in the centre of the vanishing point in the background. The stop light adds a whole other layer too.



I’m not generally fond of markets. Old Spitalfields is slightly different. It’s a large enclosed space with the traditional market stalls in the centre and more tradition stores lining the outer edges. This store, above, is just such a one.

Notes on Exposure

I’m not sure how everyone else exposes with the Monochrom, but I tend to evaluate the scene for white and black areas. In the above example the wrapping paper, on the left, is highly reflective – the white area. Inside the store and to the right is the black area. I’m quite good at seeing luminosity rather than colour and for this image above, to balance the scene, I exposed on the brickwork floor in front of the store.


I’m just obsessed with reflections in street photography so my next outing, once I get my camera back from Leica, will be to head out after a good rain fall.

Good luck in your streets all!


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