Sunny London!

April 20, 2013 — 4 Comments

Haha, well for a couple of hours at least. Whilst the Sun did shine, I grabbed these. The following images are from around Islington or Angel.



Islington Canals

The Sun was now retreating as I emerged from the Canals to Upper Street to visit Chapel Market.

Chapel Market, Islington

I’ve come to realise every Market I visit, the stall owners are perpetually on their phones!

Facebook Calling. Wherever.

Talking of which, the iconic telephone boxes around London are increasingly in a state of disrepair 😥


I popped over to Stratford too. This is the walkway from the Westfield centre to the station – bus and train.

Walkway from Westfield, Stratford

Pretty funky architecture.


Lunch in the City.

Visual Enhancement Technicians

And then off to Canary Wharf. Seriously, who left the window open?!!

Who Left The Window Open?!

Hard Finance

And finally, back to Southbank when the Sun peaked through in time to disappear for the evening.

The Southbank Centre has a Garden on its roof!

Second Storey Garden

With a Bar no less.


I really think I walked about 8+ miles!

Hope you enjoyed the images. I certainly enjoyed the walk.

ps, A whole Cow related installation on the Southbank – this bar tender was only too pleased to pose with his sponsor!

Cud I have a beer please?


4 responses to Sunny London!


    Great set of pics. TT


    Wonderful images Michael. Thoroughly enjoyed them. Just like i know London. Beautiful city – my favourite one.

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