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Pontoon Dock

This is Pontoon Dock, a station on London’s Docklands Light Railway. I ventured specifically to this stop to take a shot of the Thames Barrier. The view of the Barrier from this park is an excellent composition without having to pay money to get nearer, but you really need the light to be in the right place. So, moral of this story and for you my photographically inclined friends – check where the light is before heading out 😉

This is what the light was like in the right direction. Nice clouds too, eh?! Pah!

Pontoon Dock

I did take the opportunity to walk the streets, so straight to the images and starting with some of the views from around the Docklands.

Road to Canary Wharf

East India

This could be my favourite from the day. The scene reminded me of the Last Supper and I just took the shot, luckily getting 12 people in the frame.

The Last ... Platform

A couple from Old Spitalfields Market.

Old Spitalfield's Market

Old Spitalfield's Market

Brick Lane

Brick Lane

National Maritime Museum Concert

Emerging from the Ansel Adams exhibition, there was a concert

Have a great weekend all and keep shooting!

And, if you want to go on a photo tour with me around London, let me know.



Angel Tube Station, Islington

Slightly bigger images. Yay! Ahem.

Sunny London!

April 20, 2013 — 4 Comments

Haha, well for a couple of hours at least. Whilst the Sun did shine, I grabbed these. The following images are from around Islington or Angel.



Islington Canals

The Sun was now retreating as I emerged from the Canals to Upper Street to visit Chapel Market.

Chapel Market, Islington

I’ve come to realise every Market I visit, the stall owners are perpetually on their phones!

Facebook Calling. Wherever.

Talking of which, the iconic telephone boxes around London are increasingly in a state of disrepair 😥


I popped over to Stratford too. This is the walkway from the Westfield centre to the station – bus and train.

Walkway from Westfield, Stratford

Pretty funky architecture.


Lunch in the City.

Visual Enhancement Technicians

And then off to Canary Wharf. Seriously, who left the window open?!!

Who Left The Window Open?!

Hard Finance

And finally, back to Southbank when the Sun peaked through in time to disappear for the evening.

The Southbank Centre has a Garden on its roof!

Second Storey Garden

With a Bar no less.


I really think I walked about 8+ miles!

Hope you enjoyed the images. I certainly enjoyed the walk.

ps, A whole Cow related installation on the Southbank – this bar tender was only too pleased to pose with his sponsor!

Cud I have a beer please?

I’m pleased to report back that my London Photo Tour is well received. Participants headed home with a collection of images they are quite pleased with!

From Monday’s group, Kay was kind enough to pass back a few of her images from our 3 hour walking tour.

Kay Photo Walk

Please get in touch if you’d like to spend a morning capturing the best of London. I have planned quite a few tours ranging from ‘Street’ to ‘Architecture’ to ‘Indoors’, so repeat bookings will reward you with fresh sets of images!


Amazing London

April 17, 2013 — 1 Comment

It’s Margaret Thatcher’s funeral today. I do hope people listen to those who remember the great things she did for this Country, elevating its place in this modern world. She did piss off a lot of people and make some extraordinary bad decisions but I’ll leave you with a real world pre Thatcher era experience. My mother visited Singapore in 1975 with £200 in her pocket. Nobody would accept the British Pound to change for Singapore Dollars.

St Paul's Cathedral Reflected

Here, have some other London imagery :p


View from Tower Bridge


Perpetual Construction

Absorbing Lichtenstein


London Streets Series

April 16, 2013 — 1 Comment

Whilst wandering through London yesterday I tried to snatch a few moments whilst hosting one of my photo walks.

There must be a small committee constantly thinking up decorations for the South Bank. There were quite a few of these shiny death trap taxis.


Two very different images of people in the City Hall area.

more london riverside

A Quiet Lunch

This jogger is just about to run into St Katherine’s Dock.


And one from outside the Tate Modern, after dark.

Tate Modern

Thanks for looking.

London Photo Tours

April 15, 2013 — 2 Comments

London Photo Walking Tour today. This is Kay.

L1001069 sml