Photographer. In London. In the rain.

March 10, 2013 — Leave a comment

This Friday, just passed, I was in London to catch A Bigger Splash at the Tate Modern. My usual modus operandi is to travel into town a few hours earlier and walk the streets, but the rain forced me to think indoors and in doorways as well as underground. Not so easy as you might think.

I have been a little tired of all the vanishing point images that have become so common, but this walk way to the Northern line from Charing Cross station was too good to miss. I walked passed it and down to the platform determined to not take the shot. I got to the platform… and I really couldn’t help it and went all the way back for the shot. Actually draws you in to the VP with the intense lines and implicit horizon.

Charing Cross Tube to the Northern line

There’s always a new take on the usual trains and tunnels underground and I did consider just spending a few hours travelling on the underground. All that time I’ve spent travelling via Bank – did you know the tunnels aren’t straight?!

Bank, Central Line

Well, you saw the shot from yesterday. I ended up in another station!

Kings Cross

Still determined to avoid transport, I ended up at St Martin In The Fields. Not really a church person, photography or otherwise, but the light and space was really lovely.


Last destination, the Tate Modern with Mrs The Stormtroopers Are Coming!

Tate Modern

Tate Modern

I do hope you enjoyed this set. My street work tends to be always at a quite high aperture – f/8 or f/11. If your camera is capable of high ISO, with an elegant noise, I suggest doing the same. It’s so much easier to zone focus without eyes and constantly shooting at open apertures just because it’s a little dark is not improving creativity.

Bring on the noise!


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