Daily Awesome Photo

March 5, 2013 — 1 Comment

Local at Bayon Temple, Cambodia

I’m not precisely sure what this person was doing in Bayon Temple, Cambodia. The bowl was empty and the clothes were impeccable, which questions the beggar status. I can only conclude this person was somehow attached to the Temple. Either way, a fine portrait subject none the less.


One response to Daily Awesome Photo


    He was almost certainly a Monk and the bowl is so that people can place food in it. Some Monks live like that – they survive on the generosity of others. In several places in the Far East, you can see a few Monks walking together, in the evening, in line, with their bowls, gathering offered food. It is an accepted practice to give food on a regular basis. Probably part of religion – ie to be ‘good’ in this life. Terry Toye

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