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Anemone Fish

It’s that time of year when photographers across the globe are collating their Best Of image sets. You can find mine here.

The world of underwater photography is possibly the total antithesis of my top side world through a lens and Suzy Walker captures the wonders of life on the reef. Please do click on the image above and check out her Best of 2012 at Memoirs of an underwater photographer.

Happy Holidays!

Top 10 Images From 2012

December 20, 2012 — 15 Comments

London architecture dominates this top 10 for 2012. I travel a good deal, enormously enjoying the local landscapes and architecture, however London remains my top photographic location. The reason for this could well be down to familiarity, but London alone can fuel a photographer for a life time of great images.

Personally 2012 has seen me move camera system to Leica, more significantly, a principal move toward street photography and the world of black and white.

10. Tate Modern

Not an outstanding image in itself, its significance lies in the move from pure architecture to images oriented toward people and their environments.
Tate Modern

9. River Arno View

Taken in Florence, after sun rise.
Florence Mornings

8. Clock Tower

Clock Tower

7. Dark Side Of Finance

The Dark Side Of Finance

6. Dreams Of Flight

Dreams of flight

Tied for 4. City Hall

City Hall & Tower Bridge


3. British Museum

British Museum  [EXPLORED, April 6, 2012]

2. Escher

Escher II?

1. Tulip Staircase

Tulip Staircase

Honourable Mention

A composition should be indifferent to the camera used for the capture. Camera phones are getting so much more capable, so I was pleased to trial Nokia’s 808 Pureview this summer. Honourable mention goes to this shot of Leigh on Sea, in Essex.
Life Preserver

Daily Awesome Photo

December 16, 2012 — Leave a comment

Leigh In Sea

I’m still getting to know this wondrous rangefinder, but it really compels you to take it with you, where ever you go, and capture the world.



Alienskin Featurette

December 11, 2012 — Leave a comment

Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 18.09.59

One of my favourite software houses, Alienskin, has feautured my image on their facebook page.

I am trying to convince them they need yet another Pro reeling off yet another workflow article and, if I can work in my new camera, it could actually be interesting 😀

Still getting to know my Leica M Monochrom with 35mm f/2 Summicron.



Leica M Monochrom

December 6, 2012 — 2 Comments

Day 1 with a Leica M Monochrom. Day 1 with a Rangefinder camera. Eek.

This camera does not shrink from any scene. Wow.

Hog Roast

Tate Modern

Assembly Point

Is it worth the money? I’m thinking it is.


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Stay tuned for my new system

_5001729 copy


Please forgive me Ming for linking to your image – wonderful imagery btw! 🙂