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Daily Awesome Photo

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You need an MP-E 65mm 1-5x macro for this… as well as the patience of a Saint.

Daily Awesome Photo

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Daily Awesome Photo

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Did you know pebbles completely defy post processing when sunlit?! Bah!



Daily Awesome Photo

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This cheetah cub just ‘killed’ a photographer’s camera bag. He wasn’t about to give it back either!

Cheetah defends his camera bag kill!
Is anyone else on I just joined and am horrified at the image rejection rate. I guess it’s akin to a real gallery space being picky about what they hang on their walls. I’ve had at least 1 acceptance, but it’s queued for publication – what’s with ‘queueing’ on the internet?!

Blowing Trumpets

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Is it done to sing one’s own praises? Self promotion and all that?

Well, my Tulip Staircase image is on the Popular front page of Huzzah!!

Tulip Staircase by Michael Toye (Michaeltoye) on
Tulip Staircase by Michael Toye

A treat for you all today. London has some extraordinary architecture and, as I was due to meet a friend in town anyway, I thought I would pass by a few sites.

This is the Tulip Staircase in Queen’s House, located in Greenwich. I had to work to get this shot and passers by were wondering whether I was injured lying on the floor with a camera on my face!

This one is Canary Wharf DLR Subway station. A subway station!!!

And last, but not least, The British Museum, near Holborn.

Shining examples of British architecture!


Two wildly differing skylines from the same trip. Singapore and Cambodia.
Singapore Skyline Free 2560x1440 iMac 27" desktop background wallpaper
Singapore is vibrant in all aspects and makes for wonderful photography.

Angkor Wat Sunrise Free Desktop Background Wallpaper 2560x1440 iMac 27

Bizarrely, even whilst walking around Singapore goggle eyed in wonder, Cambodia actually made me feel like a foreign tourist. The constant child ‘salesmen’ act, escorted from attraction to attraction, eating separately from guides, etc. We went specifically for the photos, but it’s a little sad that photos are all we really left with.